Event Audio

Event Audio is the core audio component of Globe Event Service. Following traditional operator-attended audio conferencing practices, participants join using a standard telephone and are connected to an audio conferencing bridge, enabling a multi-party call to take place.

Thousands of participants can be connected for an Event Audio conference call. Event Audio includes:

  • Event Audio Registration: Know who’s planning to attend. Event Registration enables participants to register in advance via the web for your Event Audio conference call.
  • Dedicated Event Monitoring: All Events are fully managed from start to finish by your dedicated Event Coordinator, who remains at your side, virtually, ensuring top quality.
  • Managed Question & Answer Sessions: Allow attendees to participate in a Q&A session, providing orderly interaction between speakers and audience.
  • Audio View: Online data on who has joined your call and who is in queue to ask a question.
  • Communication Line: Event managers stay on top of details with a separate telephone line, allowing for full coordination without interrupting your Event.

Event Web

An Online Presentation adds a visual element to the Event Audio Conference Call in the form of an online PowerPoint™ presentation, increasing participant understanding and retention of key points.

Moderators can choose to make additional functions available via the Online Presentation for participants:

  • Web Q&A: Participants can submit a question to the moderator on the web interface they’re using to view the presentation.
  • Download Slides: Allow your audience to download a copy of your presentation for future reference.

  • Audio Streaming: Add a simultaneous online voice stream of your Event. Audio Streaming is a cost-effective way for an organization to reach a larger audience.