Using GLOBE Unified Meeting

Q. What is GLOBE Unified Meeting?

A. GLOBE Unified Meeting is an automated virtual conferencing solution based on a communications platform that integrates world-class audio, web, and multipoint desktop videoconferencing. No reservation is required. The moderator holds complete control of the meeting.

GLOBE Unified Meeting allows you to hold interactive and productive virtual conferencing meetings from anywhere in the world, at any time with distant participants directly from your desktop.

Moderators can show documents on demand, present applications, deliver animated PowerPoint® presentations, manage their audio conference and take control of remote participants’ computers.All sessions can be archived, i.e., stored, with synchronized audio and web for on-demand playback.

Q. What sort of applications can I use GLOBE Unified Meeting for?

A. GLOBE Unified Meeting allows you to conduct sales meetings, marketing seminars, product announcements, training sessions, channel communications, etc. These collaborative meetings can be done over the phone and on the web.

Q. Is specific training for GLOBE Unified Meeting necessary?

A. No training is required. Attending one of the online or recorded training sessions is advisable for maximum effectiveness.

Q. Do I have to pay for training sessions?

A. No. Our training sessions are free of charge.

Q. How much does GLOBE Unified Meeting cost?

A. GLOBE Unified Meeting is an affordable multimedia conferencing provider, competitively priced per minute, per user, per connection. GLOBE offers affordable conferencing solutions for all usage needs, whether large or small, audio or fully integrated multimedia. For more information, please contact your GLOBE sales office.

Q. What do you mean by “Firewall Transparent”?

A. All GLOBE Unified Meeting features adapt to the security of any firewall for which regular web browsing is enabled. Hence, they are known as firewall transparent, meaning that the Application Sharing feature works with all firewalls and no modification is required for changing the firewall security settings. The GLOBE Unified Meeting tries to communicate using the most efficient protocol possible, either TCP or HTTP.

Not Online?

GLOBE Unified Meeting — Voice conferencing

Q. What do I do if I forget my PIN number?

A. Call your local GLOBE Customer Support. After verifying the identity of the moderator, we will provide you with your PIN number.

Q. Do I need to make a reservation?

A. There is no need to make any reservation once your account is activated. You may call the GLOBE Unified Meeting number anytime as it open for you 24 x 7.

Q. How do I record the voice portion of my call?

A. Once a meeting is launched press *17* to start recording .To stop recording press *17* again.

Q. For disconnecting a call, what happens if I don’t press *9*?

A. It will not create any problem. Occasionally the lines don’t disconnect and remain active even after everyone else has disconnected. The moderator should press *9* before disconnecting to ensure that no one remains in the meeting room after the meeting is closed. This is only for security reasons.

Q. I am the moderator and entered my PIN code, but am unable to enter and still hear the music.

A. The moderator should enter the pin in this format: Pin code, followed by a pound (#) sign. For example, 1234567899#. Ensure that the (#) is pressed firmly. If you are still unable to enter the meeting after following the above procedure with the correct pin number, please contact your local GLOBE customer support representative for further assistance.

Q. How do I dial-out to an international participant?

A. To dial out from North America to a participant in another country: Press on your telephone keypad, *011 + country code + area code + telephone number* Or if you are a moderator, you can dial out to an international participant from the meeting applet by selecting Meeting/Dial from the top menu. To dial-out to a domestic participant, Enter *1 + area code + telephone number* The moderator can also dial out to a domestic participant from the meeting applet by selecting Meeting/Dial from the top menu. From Europe or Asia Pacific: Press *00 + country code + area code + telephone number* on your telephone keypad. The moderator can also dial out to a domestic participant from the meeting applet by selecting Tools/Dial Participants from the top menu.

Q. There is disturbing noise, music, or echo in my conference.

A. Noise in the conference can come from a variety of sources. Check if there are cell phones or speaker phones nearby. A bad or slow connection from one of the callers may also be a reason. If the noise has begun, following the entry of a particular participant, press *2* to disconnect this last incoming line. Participants with noise on their line can activate self-mute, by dialing * 6 *. Also, moderators must tell their participants to pick up the receiver if they are on a speaker phone, dial-in on a land line, then hang up and dial back again into the conference. You may also contact customer support for further assistance in isolating the offending line.

Q. How do I get my own GLOBE Unified Meeting number?

A. To obtain your own GLOBE Unified Meeting number, contact your local GLOBE Conferencing customer support representative.

Q. Can the participants talk to each other before the moderator dials in to the meeting?

A. Anyone who dials-in before the moderator will be put in a “waiting room” listening to music until the moderator opens access to the main meeting room. The participants will not be able to speak to each other while they are in the waiting room.

Customer Support

Q. Can I still get operator assistance on a conference managed through GLOBE Unified Meeting?

A. GLOBE Unified Meeting provides 24×7 customer support. Moderators can dial customer service directly during the meeting using their telephone keypad or the GLOBE Unified Meeting web interface. The customer support representative and the moderator are automatically placed in a sub-conference room in order to not disturb the other participants of the meeting.

Q. What happens if I have a problem?

A. Customers may choose from three ways of contacting customer support:
Dial * 10 * on their telephones
Click on “Dial Customer Support” from within the GLOBE Unified Meeting web applet.

Requirements and Downloads

Q. What technology/infrastructure is needed to support GLOBE Unified Meeting?

A. GLOBE Unified Meeting uses the ASP (Application Service Provider) model. GLOBE Unified Meeting is a service, not a product; therefore, there is absolutely no on-site infrastructure required from the customer perspective. GLOBE provides the global infrastructure and sells access to this infrastructure via the GLOBE Unified Meeting service.

Q. How long does it take to install this service on the computer?

A. A small download of the GLOBE Unified Meeting application is required for moderators. There are no downloads required for participants. Moderators can download the GLOBE Meeting Center application (GLOBE Meeting Center 4.0) via the Tools section of their online account.

Q. Where do I download a new version of my browser?

A. If you are updating Microsoft Internet Explorer, visit and look for “security updates”. This will allow you to install the latest patches for IE

Presenting PowerPoint Slides

Q. Why does it take longer to upload certain presentations to my account?

A. When you upload a presentation, there are some points to be aware of. First, the larger the presentation, the longer it will take to upload. For example, if you are uploading a 1MB presentation, and you have a 28.8K-modem connection, it can take 20 minutes to upload that presentation.

Q. Why does my PowerPoint® look different when it is uploaded to my account?

A. When a PowerPoint® presentation is uploaded to GLOBE Unified Meeting, a conversion process takes place. All the information in the presentation will be converted to Dynamic HTML (DHTML). If there is a link to a sound clip or movie within your presentation, GLOBE Unified Meeting won’t maintain that link during the conversion process. It is best to embed all resources in your presentation to make sure that GLOBE Meeting Center recognizes and maintains the information.

The text also looks “different” when it is converted to DHTML as DHTML does not recognize a true font. For example, if you have specified an 18-point font, sometimes, the DHTML conversion process will change that font to 18.73 points. The text will then “drop” a letter, due to the lack of space within the text box. Leave plenty of room in and around your text boxes to allow for change of font size and to prevent overlapping. Gradients also do not convert well to DHTML. Gradients will appear with distinct lines to break up the various shades. Solid color backgrounds are highly recommended.

Application Sharing

Q. Why do my viewers see a “blue screen” when I am sharing applications?

A. Once you have successfully started an application sharing session, select the application that you wish to share. If you open another window, or minimize the program that you are sharing, the dominant window will be displayed to your audience as a blue square, overshadowing the window that you want to share.

Security and Errors

Q. How secure is the GLOBE Unified Meeting?

A. The Unified Meeting service has multiple layers of security. The first level is password protection. “Close the door” facility can also be used for your conference. Participants entering the audio and web portion of your meeting, are sent to a virtual waiting room and wait there until the moderator lets them into the main meeting room. The moderator can see name and telephone number of participants and also audio portions of the meeting. Therefore, moderator has the power to dismiss any participant from the meeting if he/she does not recognize the participant. Any information that has been uploaded to the conference server can only be viewed by the people who have access to that account. Each account has its own directory on the server and without proper rights, other participants can’t see the directory.

Moderators can also use SSL, or Secure Socket Layer. It will encrypt the information displayed in an online meeting and is integrated with GLOBE Unified Meeting. SSL offers 128-bit encryption, which is the highest level of encryption that is offered to the consumer in the market being the same level of security that banks and online shopping companies use. For additional information about the security surrounding GLOBE Unified, please visit the Customer Resources/Documentation Downloads section of and view the GLOBE Unified Meeting Security Whitepaper.

Q. What if I get a JavaScript Communication error?

A. Close all applications and retry. If you still get the same error, try rebooting your computer. If the person is on a dial up connection to the Internet, ask the person to hang up and reconnect.

GLOBE Unified Meeting Desktop Icon

Q. How can I quickly start a meeting?

A. Use the GLOBE Unified Meeting desktop icon. After installing GLOBE Meeting Center 4.0, a blue icon will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen in the Windows taskbar. The desktop icon provides you one-click access to Ad hoc and Scheduled Meetings. You can also enter Conference Manager and send Quick Invites directly from the desktop icon.

Q. Where can I download GLOBE Unified Meeting?

A. Visit the Tools section of your online account and click “Install Unified Meeting 5.0.”

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Q. Can I send GLOBE Unified Meeting email invitations to people included in my Outlook address book?

A. Yes. GLOBE Meeting Center is automatically integrated with your Outlook address book after you install GLOBE Meeting Center 5.0. Once downloaded, you can invite persons from your Outlook Address Book when scheduling GLOBE meetings.

Q. Can I schedule GLOBE Unified Meetings meetings directly from my Outlook Calendar?

A. Yes. You can schedule and launch GLOBE Unified Meetings directly from your Outlook Calendar after you install GLOBE Unified Meeting 5.0. Once downloaded, you can schedule and launch meetings from a new toolbar located at the top of your Outlook.