About Us

Technology has become such a big part of our everyday lives, and has advanced at a staggering pace for 20+ years. We’ve all become dependent on the latest gadgets, on ever-present access to the internet, and on immediate multimedia visibility to all that goes on around us. Strangely enough, the way most people choose to do virtual meetings today has hardly changed from the ‘teleconferences; of the 80’s. With all the power of the internet and great software tools at our fingertips, one has to ask Why?

Certainly some creature-of-habit influence but the big, simple reason is that the latest and greatest Audio + Web technologies have only been highly affordable to the largest of enterprises.

The days of small and medium businesses settling for lesser meeting solutions or paying through the nose to run with the big boys are over. BIG company meeting & collaboration solutions and BIG company prices now available to businesses of all sizes… all via the Globe Unified Meeting.